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Menstruation affects 800 million people daily, and the number is expected to climb. Maxine+Morgan has been doing their part in aiding menstrual pain relief worldwide. Co-founded by father-daughter duo Ariel and Allen Morgan, the company earned glowing reviews for their products, which mix CBD, turmeric, and ginger. Now, they’re taking a closer look on how their products work in a study.

How It’ll Work

For this study, 70 random participants will each use a placebo, Ibuprofen, and a Maxine+Morgan herbal supplement. During three months, these participants will use each item to control their menstruation. The item they’ll consume will be given to them at random. Twice a day, each participant will record how they’re body is feeling after The results will determine which item treated the participants’ menstruation better.

Helping Them Out

Ariel Morgan, who is the CEO and president of Maxine+Morgan, believes this study will offer some important data. “With the clinical study, we’re hoping to continue the conversation around women’s wellness and ways in which we can use the amazing healing qualities of naturally derived herbs to influence an uninterrupted lifestyle,” Morgan told Benzinga. “It’s important to us that we leverage our resources and invest in research, analysis and experiential data to efficiently support our consumers needs.”





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