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In the cannabis community, many find themselves confused at CBD isolate and full-spectrum hemp products. Both products could be considered the same to the average consumer, but they’re not. When it comes to these items, one has a bit more intensity than the other.

Why They’re Considered The Same

CBD isolate(1) and full-spectrum hemp products(2) are similar because of their purpose. With either item, the consumer will gain a plethora of health benefits(3), including reducing pain(4) and easing stress. Both items are also identical because of their THC level. With 0.3% THC, both products are legal to sell in the United States. This means there’s no chance of getting high while using either product.

For consumers, it’s difficult to tell these items apart based on their packaging. Since CBD and hemp stem from the same plant, many suppliers give them all identical labels.

How Are They Different?

The biggest difference is the amount of cannabinoid present. After extraction, CBD isolate products only have cannabidiol. Full-spectrum hemp products(5)stand out with the inclusion of every cannabinoid in a single marijuana plant. Having every cannabinoid present can enhance(6) the product’s overall impact. “When you mix all those phytocannabinoids together, and not just the phytocannabinoids—but their supportive compounds and antioxidants that are in the [hemp(7) plant]—it’s a whole mix. There’s this whole system at work,” physician Robert Rountree, M.D.(8) told Mind Body Green. Full-spectrum hemp products are also filled with vitamins and minerals essential for your body.

Another difference between CBD isolate and full-spectrum hemp products is the availability. Full-spectrum hemp(9) products are legally sold in grocery stores across the country. As a result, these products bring in a hefty amount of money yearly. CBD isolate products are primarily found in dispensaries. Over the years, the number of dispensaries in the U.S. has seen impressive growth. As of this writing, unlicensed CBD products are still banned in Idaho and Iowa.

The Choice Is Yours

Whether you buy CBD isolate or full-spectrum hemp(10) products, it’s important to use a reputable company(11). Many manufacturers have been taking advantage of consumers by selling fake CDB and hemp products. These fake products can lead to seizures, nausea, and anxiety.

With the presented differences, it’s up to the consumer to decide. Some people have been using one product for a long time and don’t feel like making the jump. Others are looking for a change from their daily routine. Either way, getting their fill of cannabis is the most important thing.





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Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or prior to using any CBD products.