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These are unprecedented times and you may find that you are experiencing more anxiety than usual. You may also already know that CBD is ever popular in the health and wellness field, but did you know that CBD has been proven in a study to help anxiety?

According to a 2018 cross-sectional study of CBD users, “anxiety” ranks as one of the top three reasons for consuming the cannabis-derived product, along with “depression” and “pain”(1). New studies have been trying to figure out why we get anxiety and how stress is triggered in the brain (2). Researchers have zeroed in a neural pathway in the brain that causes stress. The research explored how a neurotransmitter molecule called 2-AG activates the same receptors as marijuana does and discovered that it can ward off stress by interrupting the connection between two regions of the brain (3). The study was completed on mice, and the researchers focused on a neurological “circuit” in the brain that links the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. They showed that when the mice were under stress, the circuit between the two regions is activated. That link is associated with “anxiety-related behaviors,” the press release states, and as stress builds, the link between the two regions becomes stronger. “As people or animals are exposed to stress and get more anxious, these two brain areas glue together and their activity grows stronger together.”

That’s where cannabis comes in since it contains a compound the binds to the same receptors as 2-AG does, it also interrupts the same amygdala-prefrontal cortex circuit. By showing how the molecule affects stress levels, the researchers may have discovered a new way to treat chronic anxiety and stress disorders—an endocannabinoid supplement, for example, might help restore normal brain chemistry. For many people who have tried and failed with prescription anti-anxiety medications or want another option for other reasons, CBD is a potential alternative with a good safety profile that offers fewer negative side effects and fewer contraindications with other substances.

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