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Like humans, dogs of all ages can procure arthritis. One in four dogs in the United States has arthritis in some capacity. One study determined that CBD can offer dogs some much-needed help in those conditions(1).

A Scientific Study

Founded in 1900, the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas is one of the country’s most reputable private medical schools. With the rise of CBD, the medical school decided to focus on it for their next study.”CBD is rapidly increasing in popularity due to its anecdotal health benefits for a variety of conditions, from reducing anxiety to helping with movement disorders,” Dr. Matthew Halpert said in the study(2).

Researchers from the medical school decided to test out CBD on dogs. “We studied dogs because experimental evidence shows that spontaneous models of arthritis, particularly in domesticated canine models, are more appropriate for assessing human arthritis pain treatments than other animal models. The biological characteristics of arthritis in dogs closely resemble those of the human condition,” Dr. Matthew Halpert said in the study(3).

Giving Them Medication

In this study, 20 dog owners in Houston, Texas were given three unmarked bottles of medication. These bottles featured either a placebo, liposomal CBD, or regular CBD. Throughout four weeks, these owners switched between each medication for their dog. After week four, veterinarians tested the cell blood count of every dog in the study. In the end, it was determined most of the dogs had a positive reaction to CBD. “We found encouraging results,” Halpert said in the study. “Nine of the 10 dogs on CBD showed benefits, which remained for two weeks after the treatment stopped. We did not detect alterations in the blood markers we measured, suggesting that, under the conditions of our study, the treatment seems to be safe.”(4)

Before the study, Halbert had doubts it would lead to these results. “These dogs have pre-diagnosed, chronic arthritis. This is an ongoing condition that has drastically affected their lives, their ability to move, and jump, and things like that. So, I said, “I’m not sure if we’re going to see anything in a month.” And then within one month, which clinically speaking, is very, very short, almost every dog in the appropriate CBD groups saw some sort of benefit,” Halbert told Cannabis Wire.

Best For Business

When it comes to CBD products, Luvive offers the best ones around. From sprays to gummies, there are many ways to have CBD at home. Luvive offers weekly and monthly subscription programs for constants users to save money. If customers want to cancel their subscription, they can do so without gaining any penalties. The company will unveil a brand new line of CBD specifically for dogs soon.

Important For Humans, Too

This study also gave a closer look at arthritis treatment for humans. Only a select number of people use CBD products to soothe their arthritis. Aside from easing pain, CBD products can lower depression and prevent diabetes. With its grand effect on dogs, it won’t be long until this number expands across the country.





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