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The use of cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, carries a barrage of benefits. CBD is beneficial for many ailments so it’s not surprising that it’s becoming more widely used by those who play sports. Many more people are opting to use CBD rather than traditional medication because you get the same results without all the negative side effects and potential risks. CBD used to be one of the many banned substances in various sports leagues until 2018 when it removed from the list(1). Since then, the use of CBD by athletes has been continually rising for good reason.

In many sports, injuries happen. Pain management is needed for the athletes to use as they heal. Since CBD is all-natural, it is much safer to use than ever over-the-counter medications used to treat pain. Needless to say, it’s much, much safer than the use of more powerful pharmaceuticals when it comes to treating pain. There are no addiction risks or other adverse effects that can be seen with many other medications. Many athletes have stated that CBD works just as well for pain as well as other ailments that can be obtained while playing sports.

There are many benefits for athletes to use CBD oil. Cannabidiol potentially helps maintain athletic health and performance without harming the user. Some major sports leagues have stated that their athletes even recover faster when taking CBD which has helped them be able to compete sooner than they would have with more traditional treatments.

Research has shown that cannabidiol boosts the immune system(2). Because there are natural cannabinoids in our bodies, the use of CBD allows the body to regulate homeostasis which in turn may account for a boost in immunity. A boost in immunity means better overall health which is a good thing for everybody, including athletes.

Because of the risk of injury, athletes using CBD for pain management is on the rise. There are CBD topical creams and ointments that treat pain at the source which is driving more and more athletes to get on board with the trend.

Most athletes will likely suffer an injury in their careers as a result of competing and training. Performing with pain doesn’t allow the athlete to truly use all of their talents so the reduction of pain is important. Before, many athletes had turned to painkillers for this purpose and found themselves having to take larger doses as time progressed, putting them at risk for adverse effects such as addiction. And, many athletes believe that it provides a speedier recovery than other treatments.

Another reason athletes are beginning to use CBD is because it may even improve muscle growth. There have been research studies showing that it has the potential to reduce cortisol levels as well as raise protein synthesis resulting in faster muscle growth. Muscle growth has the potential to enhance athletic performance so it’s not surprising more and more athletes are opting to use CBD oil.

CBD oil has a ton of benefits that can be useful to just about everybody. Because of those benefits, it’s very useful for athletes.





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