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The use of CBD oil is on the rise for a number of reasons. It has benefits that range from pain management to anxiety relief, to stress reduction, and much more. While there are already a number of ways to ingest CBD, many are finding that cooking with CBD is a fun and easy way to get those fantastic benefits.

LuVuve CBD(1), a company, noted that there is a significant rise in those wanting to try CBD for alleviating anxiety, likely caused by the pandemic. Millennials, in particular, are looking for more ways to consume CBD safely to reduce their anxiety. Infusing foods with cannabidiol is a safe and effective way to relieve anxiety. Many experts agree.

A book called Cooking with CBD: 50 Delicious Cannabidiol and Hemp Infused Recipes for Whole Body Healing Without the High is going to hit shelves on July 14th and those suffering from anxiety are ready to get cooking. It will feature 50 breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes all using cannabis and hemp. The author, Jen Hobbs is no stranger to the cannabis industry so her insight is welcomed.

LuVive CBD went further into detail about the consumer need for CBD, stating that 22% of those currently using CBD are stressed out millennials many of which say they are suffering from anxiety, depression, and insomnia. CBD relieves these issues for them and that’s why cooking with CBD is going to be the next wellness trend, especially with the rise of COVID-19.

CBD uses have stated that using CBD is helping them cope with many issues and the demand is only rising as new people try this safer alternative. Many millennials will certainly be rushing out to by the cookbook by Jen Hobbs that will help users safely calculate their doses while making delicious meals as well as drinks. You can learn more about the release of that book here(2).





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