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Guacamole is a very healthy food that is packed with not only healthy fats and tons of different vitamins, minerals (1), but if you want to spice up your guacamole dip, then adding some CBD oil may be the perfect addition.

This is called the Best CBD Guacamole recipe, just like the Avocado getting a high-quality CBD to use is highly important!

What are the signs to know when an Avocado is Ripe? 

The first sign that you should look for is the color of the Avocado; the skin of the Avocado should be darker in color than the other. The darker the skin color, the riper the Avocado should be.

Another sign to check on the skin of the Avocado, there should be little to no indentations, indentations may be an early sign that the fruit has been bruised and shouldn’t be used in this recipe.

The third sign to look for is the firmness while holding the Avocado in the palm of your hand. You should be able to give it a gently squeeze. Make sure that you down press into the Avocado with your finger; otherwise, you’ll bruise it, the Avocado should feel slightly soft, but it should not feel mushy at all.

An alternative way to check the firmness, if the Avocado still has its stem, is to pull the stem out gently. If it doesn’t pull out easily, then it still needs a few more days to ripen.

The ingredients into this recipe are three ripe avocadoes, one large plum tomato, one clove of garlic, one tbsp fresh lime juice, one-fourth cup cilantro, one jalapeño pepper, a half of a tsp salt and the final ingredient is two droppers of CBD oil.

The recipe is overall straightforward, and the first step is to cut up the avocados into chunks. You need to add the lime juice and salt to the bowl, then mix it up together using a fork. During the mixing, you’ll need to stir in the CBD oil gently.

Then you’ll need to dice the tomatoes, crush the garlic and even chop the cilantro and jalapeño pepper.

After getting all of those ingredients chopped and crush, you’ll need to add it to the bowl and gently fold in the ingredients. The final step is to taste test and add spices as needed.





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