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COVID-19 has caused a lot of issues for everybody and very few were prepared for all the recent changes. This adds anxiety to nearly every person’s plate. For many, the anxiety caused by the pandemic is becoming too much. The American Psychiatric Association(1) has reported recently that nearly half of the population has stated they’re experiencing heightened anxiety. Many people are looking for a solution that doesn’t involve harmful medications. You’ve probably heard about CBD to decrease anxiety but have you considered trying it?

The Brightfield Group(2), an insight firm, ran a survey about anxiety and CBD. The results showed that upwards of 30% said they would opt to use CBD for anxiety during the pandemic. There have been a lot of studies conducted that link the use of CBD to decreased anxiety so it’s not surprising that in uncertain times, people are going to seek a safe solution. A CNN(3) article quoted doctor June Chin saying that CBD may be “extremely helpful” during the pandemic to help those feeling anxious relax.

There has been a rise in those suffering from anxious feelings to use CBD oil and some of the retailers are beginning to prepare for the future where more people turn to CBD products for anxiety. These retailers are fighting to be considered essential as people need this product. Hemp Industry Daily(4) talked about how the closures are affecting their customers who use CBD as their main source of anxiety management, among other issues.

It’s also important to note that many experiencing anxieties related to the pandemic aren’t using the best coping skills. Many are turning to drugs and alcohol that have many harmful effects, unlike CBD. A release out of Buffalo(5) discussed the number of people who are already leaning towards unhealthy habits to cope with these uncertain times. Doctor Laszlo Mechtler went into detail about the importance of focusing on mental health during a pandemic. He also discussed how those less likely to turn to harmful substances are going to be more likely with the rise of COVID-19.

Another source, Growth Op(6), talked about the same risks many people are going to face regarding harmful coping mechanisms. However, it was also noted how important CBD is. It gives people a safe outlet to cope with anxiety rather than resorting to other means that could potentially cause harm down the road. In addition to that, it’s also mentioned that CBD can provide anxiety and stress relief without altering one’s mood or mindset. Experts foresee CBD becoming a solid source of relief for many people who will suffer from COVID-19 stress.

In every study and every expert interview, it’s clear that the use of CBD for dealing with the stress of a pandemic is a far better alternative than other available options. It’s projected that many will need to seek aid with the rising anxiety that most of us are feeling or will feel as the pandemic continues. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to anxiety management and anybody feeling heightened anxiety should consider it as an option.





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