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There are many causes of insomnia(1). Stress is one of the more prominent causes. With the pandemic and all the stress that comes with these uncertain times, insomnia is becoming more prevalent all across many age groups and demographics. Because of this, people are looking for an option that doesn’t carry the potential risks as traditional medications. It’s not surprising that CBD is one of those treatments that is rising in popularity when it comes to treating insomnia.

Social distancing and uncertainty during the pandemic are causing sleep issues for many people. There is a lot of evidence out there showing how CBD can help. At the University of Western Australia, it was found that cannabis can provide relief for those suffering from acute insomnia(2). In their study, the cannabis blend consisted of CBD and THC. Patients reported falling asleep more quickly, sleeping for more hours, and being able to sleep easier after being awoken in the middle of the night.

The lead researcher of that study, Peter Eastwood stated that “ZLT-101 treatment achieved statistically significant, dose-responsive improvements across a broad range of key insomnia indices is impressive, particularly given the relatively short two week dosing window.” (3)

Health care workers have been shown to have increased sleep disturbances since the pandemic began. A survey was conducted by Sleep Standards that found, on average, that 40% of all health care workers are experiencing some form of insomnia. That’s a whole lot of people looking for a solution. Luckily, with CBD sales on the rise and more research being conducted, there is that safe solution available.

The use of CBD oil with mental health(4) issues has been proven to show significant decreases in stress, anxiety, and depression which all can contribute to sleep issues. The overall mood can also play a role and since CBD has also been shown to aid with boosting mood, it’s no wonder that the use of CBD can aid those suffering from insomnia. The use of CBD will allow the patient to relax, promoting sleep. It’s also been shown to boost immunity and aid with pain management.

Sleep issues, particularly insomnia is getting worse and worse because of COVID-19 and all the stresses surrounding it. People are experiencing decreased moods, feelings of overall stress and anxiety and of course, issues with sleep. More studies are being conducted to determine that CBD does aid insomnia among other issues. With so many people not being able to sleep, to stay asleep or fall back asleep, that’s certainly a good thing.

Traditional medications prescribed to those suffering from insomnia carry the risk of dependency among other issues(5). CBD carries none of those risks and therefore is a much safer option since it’s completely natural. Many people who suffer from insomnia or have just begun to suffer from insomnia due to the pandemic are looking for options. If you want a safe, natural alternative to traditional sleep medications, CBD is the effective way to go. Give it try if you’re suffering from anxiety but be sure to consult a doctor for proper dosage.





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